Event Ideas

Not sure what kind of fundraiser to hold? We've put together a list of ideas. Choose from the list below or plan an event of your own!

Group Sponsorship
Join forces with other members of your book club, women's group, investment club, etc. to sponsor the education of one child (or two or three...). It costs $1,200.00 a year to educate one child.

Letter Circle
Personal letters are an excellent way to encourage others to share your passion for a cause. Write a note to friends and family about how you were personally inspired to help the orphaned children in Kenya and email it (or post it) along with our flyer or a link to the website. Mention a few of the details from our FAQ About The Machao Orphanage Foundation and set a specific fundraising goal (e.g. "Let’s join forces to help our children in Kenya! If everyone who receives this email pledges $50, we can raise $1,200.00 to fund the educational needs of one child for one year."). It would take only 24 of your friends to give $50.00 a year to sponsor a child’s education.

Yard Sale
A yard sale is a great way to raise money while getting together with friends and neighbors. Sell your collective clutter and display a large poster indicating that all proceeds will be donated to supporting the orphaned children in Makueni, Kenya. Have flyers and donation envelopes on hand.

An Evening Out
Mix good works and good fun. Connect with a local restaurant or neighborhood hangout and encourage them to donate a portion of that evening's proceeds to the cause. Invite your friends and family to join you and you will help generate business for the restaurant while raising funds to support housing, clothing, food and an education to the orphan children of Makueni, Kenya.

Holiday Gift Wrapping
Check with local merchants who may agree to let you sponsor a gift-wrapping station during busy shopping seasons, with the donations of shoppers going to benefit the work of The Machao Orphanage Foundation.

Donor Profile
(in progress) Bi-monthly on our website, we will feature a donor who has found a creative way to help the children of the Machao Orphanage make the journey from homelessness to hope. To submit your donor profile story and picture, email us at info @ machaoorphanage.org. Asante!