My name is Wambua

I'm a 5 year old boy and you can change my world forever!

Make me part of your family, and help me reach my potential. $100 a month or $1,200 a year can help transform the community where I live (the Machao Orphanage) and change my life.

My story:
I lived with my grandmother who died earlier this year (2015). My mother has failing health, which is why I was living with my grandmother.

Become my sponsor with a
single or monthly donation:

Single donation of $1,200 to pay for Wambua's education for one year.
Monthly donation of $100 per month for
to pay for Wambua's education.

I'd love to be part of your family

This is my world
I want to be somebody sibling
Wambua and brother
This is where I live! Unoa PrimaryI really like to play

Sponsoring me is the most effective way to change my world

When you sponsor me for $100 a month, you have made sure that I continue my education. This amount covers my uniform, school fees, and school supplies.

Have questions? Learn more by calling 818 377 5120 or emailing info@machaoorphanage.org

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