No Pad, No School Initiative

Over the past decade or so, it has become increasingly evident that one of the reasons African girls drop out of school is due to the lack of sanitary pads for menstruation. In countries where getting food on the table is the highest priority, sanitary pads become a luxury. Without hygiene supplies, girls stop going to school during their period and eventually fall behind and drop out. Although the girls of Machao have no intention of dropping out, they become embarrassed without proper protection for their period. Their dignity is important to us, and we want to reach out to you for help. Consider starting a collection drive for sanitary napkins or raising money to purchase sanitary kits. Our No Pads, No School initiative needs your help.

  • Sanitary Hygiene Kit Cost:  $550.00
  • Total collected as of :  $200.00
    • We still need: $550.00 for Sanitary Hygiene Kits for the girls of Machao.

Your donation of any amount will help provide Sanitary Hygiene Kits to the orphaned girls of the Machao Orphanage.


No Pad Flyer


Donate your car to help the children of MACHAO:  Vehicle Donation

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